Welcome to Wise Words Editing. We help you reach out and share your message with the world so that you can do it more effectively and with greater impact.

Who We Are

Wise Words Editing is a partnership of professional editors helping people communicate better with the world. With a diverse array of experience and a wide range of specialities, we have the background and tools to take your writing to a higher level.

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Who We Help

No matter who you are, we can help with your editing needs. We work with businesses and professionals, students and educators, writers and authors, websites, ESL and more.

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Contact us now and we'll quickly get back to you. Don't wait. The sooner you book Wise Words Editing, the sooner we can get your edited work back to you.

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Providing professional editing services for wordsmiths of all kinds.

We provide editing, writing, research and related services to

writers and authors

businesses and professionals


teachers and academics


ESL (English as a Second Language)

and more.



Are you looking to self publish? Editing is an essential part of the development process and Wise Words Editing is here to help.

Start with a Manuscript Critique and get vital big-picture insights into your story. Move on to Content Development and get chapter analysis, feedback on characters, plot, pacing, themes, relationships, point of view, and much, much more. We’ll work with you to shape your creation into the best book that it can be. Finish things off by polishing your words with Copy Editing so that your manuscript is free of errors and ready for your adoring public.

Manuscript Critique – save big when you book along with further editing services!

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