Are you a writer looking for another set of eyes on your work? Do you want someone to take a look at your writing and give you quality feedback on improving it?

Whether you’re writing your first novel or you’re an old hand at storytelling, I’m here to help. I will do everything I can to give you the insights you need to make your writing the best that it can be.

Create. Amaze. Inspire.

You have a vision.

I’m here to help bring that vision to life, as vividly and clearly as possible.

Manuscript Critiques

Fiction critiques are my specialty as an editor. I spend most of my time on this kind of work and consider the analysis of stories and structure my area of expertise.

I absolutely love pulling a story apart to examine all of its different elements and how they fit together, and how they can be better. I examine:

  • big-picture plot
  • themes
  • pacing
  • characters and how they grow
  • relationships
  • setting and description
  • consistency and language

Nonfiction Critiques

I also help professionals, educators, and students improve their work.

I advocate the use of plain language to help you communicate as elegantly and efficiently as possible. That way, the people you want to reach can better understand you.

  • Web copy
  • Business proposals
  • Educational Materials
  • Essays
  • Reports
  • and much more


I’ve had the pleasure of working with many authors.

Member of Editors Canada

Editors Canada promotes professional editing as key in producing effective communication. Our 1,300 members are salaried and freelance, working with individuals and organizations in the corporate, technical, government, not-for-profit, academic and publishing sectors across the country and around the world.

Also providing services via:

Indie Publishing Group

Author Services Australia