Respectfully, please DO NOT contact the authors listed below. Please respect their privacy. Just because we’ve worked together doesn’t mean that they want to be pestered with questions about it. From both the authors and Wise Words Editing, thank you in advance for your consideration.

Some of the many authors I’ve worked with:

Dillon RomneyThe Snow Walker (short story)

I really enjoyed going through the work you did here. On an editing level, your eye for removing clutter and adding clarity was excellent. For the heart of the story, your suggestions strengthened the focus and direction of Jacob.¬†You posited many questions (in your email and comments) to help me direct the story, and I focused on a handful of them. I added sentences throughout the story to solidify the themes of “Jacob no longer feeling useful” and “Jacob loving his family and wanting to be useful again.” I hope I have heeded your words and increased the focus on Jacobs’s struggle and his fundamental need to be “a man of sacrifice.”

Jim Malner (AmazonAuthor Page)

“I am very pleased to write this recommendation for Tim Baril as a novel or book editor. Tim helped me with my first novel and I found him to be extremely helpful, timely in dealing with my many questions and issues and he helped educate me on so many things I did not know. My book could never have been published without his valued assistance, which I still rely on today. Tim was also very respectful of my creative and writing vision for the novel even though we did not necessarily agree on a few aspects of writing style and standard practices. I really respected that in him and his counsel helped make the novel much better to be sure. Would completely recommend Tim’s services to anyone writing a novel or book of any type.”

Jim Malner

Flavia Labre (Link)

Peter Gilboy (Amazon)