Native speakers of any language regularly take advantage of the benefits of using professional editing. For those of us where English is a second language, editing is a great way to improve our language skills while polishing what we want to say so that it sounds the way we want it to.

At Wise Words Editing, we have editors with experience teaching ESL and living abroad. We understand the unique needs of those using English as a second (or third, or fourth) language. We have the patience and insights to help you produce your best work, and to do it in a way that help you improve on your own too.

Services for English as a Second Language (ESL)

Editing School Assignments

Don’t let using a second language hold you back from the grades you deserve. You’re smart and capable and you should be recognized for that. Let Wise Words Editing help you identify the areas in your work that you need to focus on so that you can achieve your academic dreams.

School Admissions Essay Editing

School admission can be a tricky and competitive process. Wise Words Editing can help you get into the school you want by helping you admission essay be the best it can be.

Cover Letter and Résumé Editing

The biggest problem with applying for jobs is that the people hiring don’t know how amazing we are. Our cover letter and résumé are our one chance to try to communicate that so that we can get to the interview phase and really impress. Make the most of the opportunity by having our professional editors help you write a professional résumé.

Proofreading Business Documents

Worried about your presentations, website, marketing materials or other business communications? Want it to sound native? It can. Our professional editors can improve consistency and shape the flow of your language so that it sounds smoother and more natural.

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