Rates for Fiction and Non-fiction Books

Manuscript Critique –¬†<50k words $250; 50k-120k words $450

  • A big-picture assessment of major issues wth the manuscript. Great for early drafts.


General Rates

Substantive (Developmental, Content, Style) Editing

  • Developmental Editing Report – $0.005/word
    • For in-depth examination of the project focusing on both big-picture issues and smaller ones. we analyze the content of the project, how it reaches the audience, and where improvements can be made before rewriting takes place. Great for the development period of a book, essay, article, or blog.
  • Ongoing develomental work and consultations¬†– $40/hr

Line and Copy Editing – $0.0075/word

  • Improve style and language, phrasing, word choice, flow, and voice
  • Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Format to industry standards


Rush Service – +25%

  • Will bump the project ahead of other projects in the queue.


Volume discounts are available for large projects.

The above are our standard rates. However, the work necessary to complete different jobs can vary considerably due to multiple factors. Please note that, upon assessement, rates may change to compensate for additional workload.