Tim Baril

Authors who want their story to be the best it can be before releasing it to the world: welcome!

Traditional publishing has its place but self publishing has empowered authors and led to so much diversity and freedom for creators. I have worked with a number of authors and travelled the self publishing path myself, so I understand the journey.

As both author and editor, I specialize in the magic and emotion of story craft and I really enjoy working with creative writing. I love pulling a story apart, exploring the author’s imagination and messages, and then finding better ways of reaching the audience. If you’re looking for a manuscript critique or developmental editing of your manuscript, I can definitely help. Beyond story, I can assist with grammar, style and the technical aspects too.

All genres are welcome, including adult. I have worked with mystery, romance, crime, fantasy, contemporary, children’s books, Young Adult, and a surprising number of vampire novels (they were quite the rage for a while).

Of course, fiction isn’t the only editing I do.

I also enjoy working with non-fiction material and have interests in health and fitness, education, philosophy, history, global affairs, science and the social sciences. I’m comfortable working on reports, media, textbooks and much more.

I lived and worked in Japan for 8 years as an English teacher. So if you’re looking for someone with ESL or education experience, someone who understands living in a different culture and being a cultural ambassador, I can help. Overseas, I developed a strong ability to use plain language, as it is essential in effective communication, especially when English isn’t someone’s first language.

I look forward to working with you. 🙂