Self publishing has dramatically shaken up the publishing industry. Today, anyone can be an author. All they need is a vivid imagination and some great writing skills.

And professional editing.

Great editors help shape plot and characters into their best form with in-depth developmental editing. Then they help polish the words to a flawless sheen, removing errors and letting language flow smoothly. With editing, an indie author can produce the same quality book that a publishing house can. Professional editing takes a book to a the level readers expect.


  • improves the quality of an author’s brand
  • increases reader respect and enjoyment – increasing the likelihood of word-of-mouth references and great reviews
  • makes readers more willing to read more titles by the same author
  • helps authors become better writers as they hone their craft, improving future books

All of that translates into an increased chance of commercial and artistic success.

The Problem

Many self publishing authors, especially new ones, struggle to find the money needed to pay for a professional editor’s services. Hence the deluge of rough-quality books in the market which are giving indie authors a negative reputation. If this continues, self publishers could see themselves lose marketshare to traditional houses as readers stop taking chances on new authors and return to books with quality they know they can trust.

What can authors do to raise the money they need for editing? One way is crowdfunding.

However, running a crowdfunding campaign is tough. It’s a huge undertaking, and even for authors with a significant fan following, it can be a challenge to get traction when trying to collect donations. If a campaign doesn’t take off right away, if it can’t get early momentum, it might very well end up dead in the water.

Why try to crowdfund alone? Wise Words has a better way:

Team Crowdfunding

What Wise Words Does

We gather a group of about 5 different authors. Each one must have a significant level of social media followers and subscribers to their email lists. We’ll try to match those with larger numbers to those with lower so that the bigger authors can help the little guys.

We organize a united campaign so that all five authors are leveraging both their own followers AND each other’s followers.

We provide campaign strategy, put together professional videos and photography, maintain the funding page, and coordinate author activities.

When it’s all over, we provide professional editing services to the authors involved.

What the Authors Do

Authors create reward content to encourage supporter donations. This could be new digital or signed books or personally thanking supporters by email or phone.

Authors reach out to their fans and followers – and each others’ fans and followers – and direct as much traffic as they can to the funding page. This starts during pre-launch as we build up excitement, then continues for the course fo the campaign, which lasts about 30 days.

Authors provide rewards to supporters.

Benefits to Team Crowdfunding

Authors are discovered by each other’s fans and followers during campaign. This means raising more money, and gaining new fans and followers for the future.

Because we’re leveraging a larger number of fans, campaigns have a greater likelihood of gaining the quick traction they need to be successful.

How Team Crowdfunding Works

Wise Words Editing gathers authors together in groups. Authors submit a list of the books they would like to have professionally edited and set funding goals.

Wise Words helps set up the campaign. This may include professional level video and photography, maybe even new book covers, to give the campaign maximum impact.

A different set of donation and rewards are set up for each author on the the main page. Supporters can choose to support one author, or multiple, and how much to donate to each.

We build up pre-launch anticipation. This is where we educate supporters about the campaign.

We launch and go through the fundraising efforts together. We all work hard and give it everything we can for 30 days. Then we collect the funds we raised.

Shared campaign expenses are deducted from the total funding before it is divided up. This could include online ads, videography, photography and cover art, for example.

Funds are divided based on what was donated to each author on the campaign page.

  • 70% of the net funds raised go towards editing. If the campaign achieves more than its initial goal, then the excess funding will be set aside by Wise Words so that authors can put it towards editing future projects.
  • 20% of the funding will go to authors. We suggest using it for promotion to launch the newly edited books, but authors can, of course, use it for anything.
  • 10% of the funding goes to Wise Words for organizing the campaign.

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Running a great campaign takes time. It could take weeks, even months to prepare promotional materials and rewards for supporters. The sooner we start, the sooner you get paid.

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