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Manuscript Critique

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Before you do anything else — get a very in-depth assessment of your manuscript. It’s absolutely essential before moving on to any other type of editing.

Find out where all the major problems are and what you can do to make your work really shine.

Writing a novel or short story? Your manuscript critique involves examination of plot, themes, characters and relationships, setting, language, voice and more.

Writing nonfiction? A critique examines structure and organization of your information, analyzes your arguments, and helps you ensure that the messages you’re trying to deliver are clear and easy to understand.

The feedback you receive is far more comprehensive than you’d get from beta readers, both a big-picture view of your project and insightful details that allow you to go back and make the revisions you need before moving on to copy editing or sending your manuscript to agents/publishers.


Fiction Editing

Book magic: our specialty!

I love working with authors! You are the artists of the literary world. Whether you’re an established fixture on the bookstore shelves or a new addition taking advantage of the explosion of self publishing options, Wise Words Editing is here for you.

Editing is a vital part of the story creation process. As artists, we’re often too involved with our story’s details to see the overall picture. That’s why a Manuscript Critique is so vital; it gives us an overview of plot, characters, themes, pace and helps us shape the foundation of our work. Content development editing can help us shape scenes, improve tone, change from passive to active voice, brighten language choices, see which good characters are likeable and which villains really push our buttons.

Copy editing cleans up all the grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors that we miss because we’ve been staring at the manuscript too long.

If you’re self publishing, I’m here to give you the same leg up as a traditional publishing house, helping your book be the best it can be before going to market. If you’re going the traditional, and very competitive, route, I can help you stand out and catch an agent’s or publisher’s eye.

Nonfiction Editing

Are you trying to contribute to the world’s knowledge base? Are you an expert in your field? Nonfiction is a vital part o the trade book landscape, keeping people informed and maybe even helping them become a little wiser. Wise Words Editing can help. Nothing robs a book of credibility quicker than mismanaged information or mistakes.

If we want to be taken seriously, and if we want our book to have as much impact as possible, then editing is what we need. I can help you shape your message and presentation, fact check your research, add photos, and so much more.

Memoir and Biography Editing

These stories are deeply personal. Whether we’re writing our own story, that of a loved one, or someone we admire, the memoir will become historical record and part our legacy. With such a sensitive and emotional connection to the material, working with an editor can be a delicate process. I care about that story because you care.

Script Editing

Are you working on the next Hollywood blockbuster? The next Broadway sensation? An art project for a local festival? A school play? Whatever your needs, I can help tighten your script to match your time limits, improve flow and consistency, and provide suggestions to help wow your audience.

Query Letter Editing

Journalism, Article and Blog Editing

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