Being a student is hard. You’re up all night cramming for exams and rushing to complete too many projects in too little time. And there’s so much pressure to do your best. For students, editing can help give you insights into better writing, and give you an edge in your academic career.

Professional editing can help catch silly errors, and teach you how to improve your writing for future assignments. It can help give you an edge when you’re applying to the program you’re dying to get into. It can help you get into better schools and increase your chances of getting funding. And, perhaps most importantly, it can help you learn to create better, more polished work that you can be proud of, helping you build the confidence you need for future success.

Services for Students

I adhere to strict ethical guidelines for all student work. I won’t do your work for you, but I will direct your attention to areas that you can improve. I’ll also show you how to achieve cleaner and clearer work.

You can learn a lot by working with a professional. With Wise Words Editing, you’re not just getting an editing service, you’re getting an education in better writing.

Admission Essays

Are you writing an introduction or answering specific questions in applying to the school of your dreams? Using a professional editor can give you the edge in making that dream come true.

Scholarship Applications

There are far more applicants looking for funding help than there is funding to go around. That makes the process competitive. Don’t let silly mistakes keep you from the financial resources you need. Use a professional editor to make sure that your application is the best it can be.

Student Work

Includes essays, reports, research papers, assignments, presentations, and more.

Boost your grades with cleaner writing and gain insights that will help you deliver even better work in the future. With an editor, the work remains yours, but the process of producing it becomes professional.

Thesis (Masters) or Dissertation (Ph.D.)

You’ve done a year or more of research and poured your whole life into this project. There’s so much riding on it. Don’t let all that hard work fall flat because of a few bad style choices and missed errors. Use a professional editor to take your work to the next level.

Resume Writing & Editing

Working while you study? Have you graduated and are now heading out into the world to pursue a career? Increase your chances of landing the best job with a resume that shines.

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