Teachers and Academics

Your time is immensely valuable and there never seems to be enough of it. You’ve got students to teach and papers to grade, teaching assistants to manage, research to do, and on top of all that, you have your own goals too. The life of a hardworking academic is exhausting.

Wise Words Editing can help make your life easier. You’ve got insights you want to share with the world. Let me handle your editing needs and I’ll help you achieve greater impact with your writing and education materials, while saving you time.

Services for Teachers and Academic Professionals

Abstracts and Conference Papers

Are you working on an abstract? Finalizing a panel presentation? I can help polish it to perfection.

Academic Articles

Are you writing for an academic or trade journal? Or for an online publication? I can help you catch errors while achieving better clarity and brevity. That can be very important when competing for publishing spots.

Lectures and Presentations

No one enjoys the embarrassment or disruption of a glaring error right in the middle of a presentation or class. It can be distracting and completely interrupt your flow. Professional editing can eliminate those errors, so you can concentrate on sharing your wisdom with your audience.

Textbooks and Books

Writing a book or compiling a textbook is a huge undertaking. It can take months. Working with multiple contributors, figuring out how best to present your ideas, understanding the audience, it can all be overwhelming, not to mention time consuming.

Wise Words Editing can help. I can assist in managing the project and coordinating with the various authors involved. I can source pictures, fact check and handle all the details of formating and indexing. Simply put, I make creating your book or textbook easier and faster. In the end, you’ll have a publication that you can really be proud of.

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